Urban Services

In addition to the protection of the global environment and the population’s health, the activities of the cities have caused urban hygiene not to be limited to waste collection.

Cliba is the company of Benito Roggio Ambiental that provides operational services in accordance with the urban needs derived from waste generation, with the premise of keeping a breakeven point between service quality and a responsible environment protection.

Cliba started up urban hygiene activities in 1986, when the company was awarded the concession of the household waste collection services in the city of Córdoba. 

Throughout more than two decades, the main capitals and crowded cities of the region chose the urban hygiene services quality of Cliba.

During our 29-year experience, Cliba has provided urban hygiene services to big cities in Latin America, including, but not limited to, the city of San Pablo in Brazil, Asunción del Paraguay, Ciudad de la Paz, Montevideo, Las Piedras, and Maldonado in Uruguay, Ciudad de Puebla in México, San Carlos de Bariloche, Bahía Blanca, and Partido de La Costa.

Cliba provides Urban Hygiene services to the municipalities of:

Citys Toneladas /annually
City of Buenos Aires 368.000 Tn/annually
City of San Isidro 204.000 Tn/annually
City of Neuquén 93.000 Tn/annually
City of Santa Fé 60.000 Tn/annually